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The power of one (mega watt)

I have done many things already, but recently someone asked me to find a way to automatically test and report findings on very large Diesel generators. The project involves building a portable (with a crane) setup for testing the performance of generators upto a power of about one MegaWatt. (MW) For me that is a lot of power.  The test involves increasing the power output stepwise and measuring the response of a generator, including Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power factor and Temperature.  I have taken a picture of the resistor array we apply to consume this much power from the generator. The resistor array has forced air through it, and can take about 3 x 1500 Amps at 400 Volts. The plan for now : Laptop with RS485/Modbus to the control- and measurement- equipment. Possibly linux as the OS to prevent tinkering, security, driver and update issues. update 2013/6/13 : I already wrote python program to control the measurement module ( Diris A10 over modbus RS485) updat