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Fun with a laser cutter part 1 (Base for a relay board)

Theo Kleijn has his laser cutter setup and it was time to make something useful. Theo's blog : I took a board I had laying around, a 16 relay board, similar to one found here : and And decided to make a nice base for it, so it was not directly on the table. I started by designing the base plate, I measured the board and made a drawing in LibreCad, which was in the Ubuntu repository. This was not a success, when trying to save the file the program segfaulted and all my work was lost. I already had a license for QCAD 2.2 (on which LibreCad is based) and have used it without problems on my old linux machines (in 2008 and later). The old version I had was alright, many productive shortcut-keys etc, but many improvements w

Sony CD/Cassette/Radio set fix, bad caps again..HCD EP40

My sister came walking in with her small Sony Radio/Cassette/CD-player. Of course there was a problem with this device The volume control was not working, when at "0" it would mute, but at low level it would just go too loud. Luckily I found a schematic online : After some investigation I figured out that the LC75392 was in control of the volume I traced the problem to the main circuit board and started measuring all the voltages (given in the schematic) and they appeared to be all right. I then used my new audio-sniffer to track the audio from the radio receiver. This is where I got one from Santa-Claus. Some example of someone else tracking a signal with the audiosniffer here on YouTube. I noticed that I was getting a l

Bitcoins, I am in. (send money please)

Het heeft even geduurd voordat ik het snapte (en nu vind ik het nog een vreemd concept) maar ik heb ondertussen bitcoins. Ik heb uitgevogeld hoe je een wallet maakt, hoe je er geld op zet en nog wat details. Het lijkt ingewikkeld maar is dat dus helemaal niet. Ik gebruik Armory ( dat samenwerkt met bitcoin-Qt ( Via en heb ik wat transacties gedaan en dat werkte vlekkeloos. Wat me vooral opviel was dat je ontzettend lang moet synchroniseren voordat je aan de slag kan, heb geduld, trek hier gerust een nachtje voor uit, daarna loopt het snel. Als je geld via Ideal overmaakt naar je bitcoin adres staat het er binnen een paar minuten op. My public wallet address is :  1DynDMhxWweJr6aoSZXUzenJMkSjaWHGxo  you can send donations there. Dus als u mij geld wil sturen mag dat op adres :  1DynDMhxWweJr6aoSZXUzenJMkSjaWHGxo Bij voorbaat dank, :-)