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wiznet W7500P cortex M0 circuit board and FreeRTOS 9.0.0rc2 working

I have made my new cortex M0 based microcontroller board operational with FreeRTOS. The chip is a W7500P - a cortex M0 with 16KB SRAM and 128KB Flash - hardware tcp/ip stack incl mac/phy on board (P101G) This chip is a single chip microcontroller/ethernet/internet IoT solution, no software TCP/IP stack that can fail or hacked. For TCP/IP buffers it has another 32KB SRAM, this can be used by 8 simultaneous TCP connections (sockets open at same time). I like this chip because it eliminates a lot of other stuff on the board. It is fast, and has lots of IO. I added a SD-card connector for data-logging applications. My main application will be small measurement and control applications, adding network easily and securely, super fast bootup times (0.1 sec instead of 20 sec, no linux based board with large bodies of software) ADC : 12bit, 8ch, 1Msps DMA 6-channel DMA controller Peripheral supported: UARTs, SPIs GPIO 34 I/Os  Debug mode Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Timer/P