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Low power global connection with WSPR protocol it is so much fun

Conditions are good today. I have my little transmitter with about 0.1 Watt of RF power (could be less). I get my data across the globe : look here 40m band, from Netherlands to Antarctica, USA, Australia and more. This is fun. I am using a QRP labs kit : My antenna is a piece of wire of about 10 meters hanging out of the window not a real antenna! So much fun with so little RF power! Best regards PA2LVD

Vapour Phase soldering, GALDEN LS230 experiment

Maxtor Shared Storage (how I recovered all the data)

Maxtor Shared Storage NAS 300 GB Summary of long adventure: TL;DR. ONE DISK IS NOT AN OPTION FOR A NAS - Audience : advanced users - linux skill required : yes - strong opinion : yes - frustration : yes It looks so nice in the picture : storing data on a NAS, not on the local system. You can access it from anywhere in the network, all is fine. Until.. The NAS breaks down and you forgot the backups.. I had this NAS for a long time (several years), somewhere safe in the house, in a dry and protected and cool place, nobody would be able to find it, a digital safe, connected to my local network. It seems a smart idea, but it really was not. Here is my summary of trouble to get my data back. 1) The NAS did not appear in my network anymore 2) Checked power supply, switches, cables 3) conclusion, NAS is bad 4) reboot, does not come online again 5) open it up, take out harddisk, how hard can it be? Right? I connected the disk to my machine with one of those PATA/

EBN European Business Number, be very suspicious (throw in trash)

Today I received an envelope addressed to my company in the mail from EBN (European business number, Netherlands department) It looked official and impressive, it had a return envelope. I needed to return the form to : EBN, PO BOX 11 35 58, 20435 Hamburg. It had some forms inside, that I needed to fill in and return, looked almost legit.  No big deal right, fill in and return? But I read all the small print (gray on lighter gray) too, and it is a deception, when you return this form you actually sign a contract with a company DAD GmbH in Germany for 977 euro per year. They will put your name on a website for this amount of cash. It is clearly stated in the small print on grey paper, EBN is not related to any organisation or institution of the European Union or Commission. My advise, do not open, just throw it in the trash immediately! Not worth the time or money. Have a good day! Some other people received it too :