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3D scan of model. Adummy new first aid articulated training device. #oetelx

The model is being scanned in a 3d point cloud and transformed into Nurbs. The 3d model is CNC milled a KUKA robot at Supportec BV. Find content with hashtag : #oetelx

versions of TiMO (tank beer monitoring system) #oetelx

DuoTank version of new TiMO tank monitor unit, approx 53x32x12 mm total size. The new version is the same size as a 9 Volt battery. As you can clearly see this latest one matches the DuoTank logo. (contact Duotank for purchase / implementation details) Screenshot of #ABI dashboard Timo Tank monitor, showing levels declining, speed and date. 2 early TiMO units on table, this version used a separate light source. Previous versions were reliable but fairly large. This one is still in operation. TiMO unit on tank, still operational on location. This is an early model. TiMO dashboard as used by customer, showing locations and online status/levels of all tanks. This data is pushed to brewery ERP system to automatically optimize route planning of tanker vehicles. Currently installed in 23 location in the Netherlands with 100% uptime. Find more content using hashtag : #oetelx