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episode2 : Sawyer becomes a "useless machine"

In the CreateLab at Fontys-ICT in Eindhoven we play (and learn) about robot programming, behavior trees, ROS. This robot is part of professorship High Tech Embedded Software lead by Teade Punter. A late night experiment by Kris and Edwin. Empowering Students through Hands-on Learning and Repairing Robots At Fontys-ICT, we believe that hands-on experience in repairing equipment is not only an essential skill but also a powerful tool to inspire our students. Recently, an instructor and a student teamed up to disassemble and restore a Sawyer-Robot by RethinkRobotics to working condition. This collaborative repair process ignited enthusiasm and boosted the confidence of our young, aspiring engineers. Once the robot was reassembled and operational, the students quickly began exploring its capabilities. In no time, they were using its vision system to locate blocks on a table, pick them up, and stack them on a stool. This experience sparked a flurry of creative ideas, as students brainsto