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Chinese PCBA experiences ( first Tigard universal programmer/debugger)

 I just received my second batch of PCB's from JLCPCB with components assembled in China. How good is it really, we will find out soon enough. Everything works fine. Need to wait on correct USB-C connector, UART works, no problems so far.
In mijn vrije tijd werk ik aan leuke hobbyprojecten als deze. (die ik ook open source maak) Een 7 GHz prescaler voor RF-toepassingen en frequentiemetingen/tellers. (versie 2) Aangezien de frequentietellers met lagere prijzen een beperkte bandbreedte/snelheid hebben, moeten we deze prescaler toevoegen om de klus te klaren. Het bevat een OLED-display, een AVR-microprocessor en een HMC983LP5E van ADI om het HF-gedeelte te doen. Met behulp van de MCU (328PB) kunnen we een willekeurige verdeler ratio selecteren. (over SPI-interface) Met behulp van een D flip-flop van post scaler kunnen we er zeker van zijn dat de duty cycle 50% is. (Dit was een probleem in versie 1) Ik ontwerp/maak dit omdat mijn radio-amateur-vriendjes het nodig hebben. Ik werk/speel niet op deze hoge banden, maar dit is leuk. Het ontwerp van het schema en de layout is gedaan met KiCAD, simulatie met LT-spice. Software met behulp van GCC (gewone c-code) Behuizingsontwerp wordt met Fusion360 gedaan, gefreesd uit aluminium o

#oetelx #vlog HomTom HT50 LiPO hack, external battery

oetelx raw 4 : eerste test HBM compressor. Werkt niet.

oetelx raw 3 Ubuntu 20.4.1 Focal Fossa torrent download and install ESP32

Shapeways prints nice housings in a few days, happy client

 I ordered these things on a Wednesday and now 6 days later I can assemble my product. This is how fast the world moves today. I designed the things in Fusion360 exported the STL files and sent the data to the Shapeways website.  That was the whole proces. They are really nice and fit precisely. I am very happy with this. #oetelx ahead of the curve.

TransIP nameserver change (how to update your linux Ubuntu VM/VPS)

NOTE TO SELF: change DNS on TransIP VPS machines. Today I got an email from TransIP. Nameservers are changed.  Please update your virtual machine. Old info :,,  2a01:7c8:a::c53,  2a01:7c8:b::c53 New info is : 2a01:7c8:7000:195::8:195:8 2a01:7c8:7000:195::135:195:135 Ok, now I have to get into my machine and update this stuff. I used my normal SSH login to get a prompt.  (user oetelx can use sudo because this user is in admin group ) I checked if the new IP adresses actually are running a valid DNS server before assuming anything. oetelx@www:~$  dig @ ; <<>> DiG 9.11.3-1ubuntu1.13-Ubuntu <<>> @ ; (1 server found) ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 3218 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 2, AUTHORITY: 2, ADDITIONAL: 1 ;; OPT PSEUDOSECTION: ; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 1280 ;

OETELX update1, Orange PI zero, USB, soldering, NFC device, Linux #oetelx

Find it by tag #oetelx : It has Linux, it is an Orange PI zero. I added Power over Ethernet. (POE) and it will read and program NFC cards that are used in Electric Cars (and the charge points) This is a proof of concept for a new Dutch Emobility provider called TandemDrive (located in Delft) Just a one minute update. I plan to do more video's about my developments.

3D scan of model. Adummy new first aid articulated training device. #oetelx

The model is being scanned in a 3d point cloud and transformed into Nurbs. The 3d model is CNC milled a KUKA robot at Supportec BV. Find content with hashtag : #oetelx

versions of TiMO (tank beer monitoring system) #oetelx

DuoTank version of new TiMO tank monitor unit, approx 53x32x12 mm total size. The new version is the same size as a 9 Volt battery. As you can clearly see this latest one matches the DuoTank logo. (contact Duotank for purchase / implementation details) Screenshot of #ABI dashboard Timo Tank monitor, showing levels declining, speed and date. 2 early TiMO units on table, this version used a separate light source. Previous versions were reliable but fairly large. This one is still in operation. TiMO unit on tank, still operational on location. This is an early model. TiMO dashboard as used by customer, showing locations and online status/levels of all tanks. This data is pushed to brewery ERP system to automatically optimize route planning of tanker vehicles. Currently installed in 23 location in the Netherlands with 100% uptime. Find more content using hashtag : #oetelx

About me and you (a manifesto for freedom)

About me (and you) I have been a technical person since I can remember. Always taking stuff apart, trying to put it back together. Always fixing stuff for people that can not do it themselves. There are no limits to my curiosity. I am always busy learning new things, it could be about design, engineering, music, psychology, art, writing or business. My personality is more like an artist than a perfectionist, I get things done and move on, a pragmatist as its called. I have worked with and for the top 500 companies as a consultant, but have mixed feelings about the corporate world and the disregard of people and resources for the sake of short time financial profit. This however does not mean I work for free or think money is evil. If you want to hire me you have bring your checkbook, no doubts there. Freedom of expression and personal faith and expressing opinion, the freedom to live your life as you see fit, as a man a woman or otherwise, are the highest good. I believe people as in

Github release of Controllino code "Het Concertgebouw" water dispensing #oetelx

Good day to you all. I have just released this project I did in a day in 2016 under MIT license. It was a project to help someone quickly get a water dispensing system up and running for "Het Concertgebouw" a famous building in the Netherlands. The project was for a foundation "Join the Pipe" that tries to bring fresh drinking water to everyone in the world (Which is generally a positive thing). The code was written in plain C (using Clion IDE for typing the code) on a linux system for an AVR ATMEGA 328P which is inside the Controllino Mini. Hope you learn something from it. Link to Github project : It all worked and was delivered in a few days. Some pictures tell more (maybe) Find more content with hashtag : #oetelx