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ESP32 IDF master update troubles (and fix)

I am using ESP32 IDF for some private experiments. (more info later) I really like it, not like some Arduino hobby IDE, that is a  half done, non-professional project. I see a lot of people writing stuff like "do ESP32 in Arduino" this is completely backwards, you should avoid anything Arduino-related. You can not use Arduino in a real project, it can not be controlled, it is doing "magic" things and breaks everytime. You guessed it: I do not like it. ;-) The ESP-IDF works really well uses cmake, is well documented, I use visual studio code insiders or clion van jetbrains to coordinate my coding and GIT to store my stuff. I am really impressed with how well it works. Including flash-upload, debugging all works fine. A few days ago I updated the IDF to the latest version and got errors: $ git checkout master $ git pull remote: Enumerating objects: 1492, done. remote: Counting objects: 100% (1492/1492), done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (213/21