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1938 -> 2022 the same thing : outwitting the devil

I am reading a book written in 1938, before World War II, after the crisis of 1929 and it seems completely relevant to the situation I see today.  The book is "Outwitting the Devil, written by Napoleon Hill" it was published in 2011.  It is an interview with "the devil" and summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of humans and how to influence them for better or worse. The list below is a listing the "devil" gives of things that are important. These things make him powerless over man or woman. Doing the opposite will allow "the devil" to influence humans. 1. Do your own thinking on all occasions.  The fact that human beings are given complete control over nothing save the power to think their own thoughts is laden with significance.  2. Decide definitely what you want from life; then create a plan for attaining it and be willing to sacrifice everything else, if necessary, rather than accept permanent defeat.  3. Analyze temporary defeat, no matte