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Deja Vu? (no picture on the screen) Bad caps again, and again Samsung.

Today I repaired a Samsung TV in just a few minutes. A friend walks in and says : My Samsung TV is ticking.. Red light blinking on/off... It is about 6 years old... What could it be? I just say : "Ah bad caps again?" Reply : "Do you really thinks so?" Let's fix this puppy a.s.a.p so you can watch TV again. So I take my screw driver and go with him to take a look at the TV. Indeed, it is trying to start but fails etc. tick tick tick blink blink blink... 1) remove power cord 2) take off back cover 3) look around 4) Notice caps with round caps in PSU??? Of course there are, 2 bad capacitors, 10 Volt 1000uF close to a thermal aluminium block. Alright, here they are... I say.. Exclamation : "Bad caps again? Can they not make anything anymore without bad capacitors, I bet most of these TV's get dumped in the trash for this" And that is probably true, a bad capacitor costing 20 cent will make your TV worthles