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Broken RAID-1 Qnap TS 201 (how I got the data)

A few days someone gave me a TS 201 RAID NAS made by Qnap to fix. It was very bad, the power light did not come on, it just pulsed a bit. The external power supply was broken, the capacitors 16V/1000uF swollen up. 12 Volt 5 Amps standard PSU, I had a spare so that was easily fixed. Trouble was not over, the device did not work. It beeped, lights were blinking, ugly noise from disk. Connecting to NAS did not go easily, I found the IP address by using NMAP (I assumed it was using DHCP) $ nmap -sP .. some known machines.. and Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.00034s latency). Connect to the thing using a web browser did not work. type in : click 'administration' That redirected to a webserver on port 6000 why? New rules in Chrome and Firefox, blocking ports including 6000. I got something like this very descriptive message :