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Posts uit oktober, 2015 tonen

CNC milling OnShape design 20 mm aluminium

A few days ago I started playing with OnShape, an online design program. It can do a lot of things and I am very impressed by it. Check it out at I designed a mounting bracket for my camera microscope (which needs to mount on my spindle motor) In 3D it looks like this  And after exporting the contour as a DXF file I milled it on my CNC machine. I used a 4 mm 2 flute end mill, at 20000 rpm. The mill had to stick out quite a lot, so I have some shatter markings on the surface, but it worked, milling 20 mm thick aluminium. The results are here. Impressive right ? Until next time, Greetings from Holland ;-)

Laptop repair (MSI 1035 OEM) saved money again

Today I repaired my laptop. It was not working anymore, completely dead. Here is a link to the manufacturer : It is an old one, it does not support Virtualbox, but runs Debian just fine. I like it because it has a 17" screen, nice to work in bed, full size keyboard too. Searching for problems without any schematic is just gambling so I postponed it. I found a YouTube channel by Louis Rossmann who repairs laptops, and he got some schematics from a website : I ordered my schematics for about 10 euro. I got 57 pages of PDF. I had to take apart the whole laptop to get near the actual hardware. I took my time, did not break any plastic tabs off.. And after what seemed like an hour I was where I needed to be. I started at the beginning, the power input and verified it. 19.14 volts. At the end of the

Why? : Because we can...

Today I repaired a parking sign. Why? Because I need to have an excuse to use my CNC milling machine, that is why! I drew the sign with Q-Cad professional ( ) and imported it into USBCNC. I used a 2 flute 4 millimeter end-mill and created a couple of P characters. Do you want to make one too : here is the DXF file , have fun.