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photo interrupter , lichtsluisje HBM BF30 toerenteller

I got a second hand (but barely used) BF30 clone milling machine. The rpm meter was not working correctly (not showing high RPM, nonsense numbers) I investigated and found the photo interrupter on the spindle axle. It was covered in grease (sticky brown Chinese transport grease). After taking it apart I noticed all holes were over-sized (and slotted). Mounting the thing back and getting the perfect alignment would be a gamble (I like more precise work, but it appears all holes in this machine are too large or slotted, every edge is sharp and needs deburring). I made a little tool to check the workings, it is impossible to adjust once the motor is mounted so it has to be correct before I put the motor back on the machine. Here is the setup : The ring has 16 holes, so the rpm is more accurately (or quickly) determined. How this works : the system counts number of pulses in one second and from that displays the number of rpm ( NL: toerental in omwentelingen per minuut)  (r