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Wall wart USA to Euro mod

Hack of today, wall wart mod for USA to Euro connector. When receiving a low cost piece of electronics often you find these US type flat pin connectors without a good way to connect to a European wall socket. (with round pins) Today I finally used one of the many power cables I have laying around, probably cut of an old CD player. I soldered the wires to the flat pins, added a tye rap, used some heat shrink. This only works when the PSU is universal (100-240 volts) I guess using just heat shrink is not official a good enough insulation :-) (do not try this at home), but it works just fine here.

Plug and play USB video-streaming also to

UPDATE : is no longer online. The solution can still be used to stream to many other online services. --- original text here --- Low budget video streaming to Justin.TV or anyone else. I have been working a very long time to build a simple video streaming solution suitable for people that are not so tech-savvy as I am. Some machines have been installed in churches in the Netherlands, you can find them here : Techno babble. The machines until now used an internal frame grabber, a PCI card which converts the analog video signals to lots of bytes representing 25 pictures per second. The internal PCI cards need a real full size PC to fit into, the small boxes just did not work. We do not like large PC boxes anymore right!! The solution. I have now created a small and cheap solution based on USB, it works with a simple small PC (dual core) and the Roland V-4 EX ( ) which also accep